Sunday, July 22, 2012

Krista's Banner

Okay here it is as promised!  After Krista and I made the banner for Carlee Krista decided she really liked it and should make one for herself.  She chose all the colors based on what colors she wants to paint her new room if her brother ever moves out. ( she will get his and I will get hers for a scrap room, unless her other brother moves out first.) She inked all the edges on the base and top border.  She also backed it all, including the letters with posterboard to make it stronger. She did not want pattern paper but I talked her into the Holligans paper for the dress and Emporium behind the butterfly.  I made the flowers for her but she inked the edges. I also made the dress and the Rosettes. (circle fan thing) The only thing we did not have was the ribbon. I took her to the local fabric shop and she picked out these in about thirty seconds.  They match perfectly! I only spent a dollar fifty total.  Great job Krista.  Now I am jealous!
Here are some pictures of it up close and where she put it in her room. Looks really cool Krista!

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