Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chicago Trip

I can not sleep so I will share some of the things I did on my vacation, besides crafting.  Our girlscout group took a train to Chicago!  We have been selling cookies for a couple of years and had yet to take a big trip so we did it really BIG.  We took a train.  That is seven moms and nine girls ages 12 to 14.  We did a ton of walking, which would not be a big deal , except that it as almost 100 degrees!  We still had a blast!  We went on a segway tour to learn about some of Chicago's great landmarks.  We also went on a Architectural boat tour and took a water taxi to ChinaTown. We hit Navey Pier, The Bean , and had some deep dish pizza all in two days!! 
That was a lot of stuff packed into a  short time but what a lot of fun.  I myself have not had the opportunity to see a lot of this stuff so it was a first for me also.  Plus I got to spend some quality one on one time with my daughter. To change the subject , I did do a lot of crafting and I still have krista,s really awesome banner to show you so there is some good stuff coming!  :-)  Thanks for stopping by and Scrap Happy! Brenda 
P.S. I edited these pictures on picmonkey.  That website is so fun!

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