Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What NOT To Do When Die Cutting!!!The problem came when I went to die cut them.

   Kathy is having a crop soon and I thought it would be fun to give everyone who orders a set of these images. I bought this cute stamp and die set from W plus 9 and I just love the baby Jesus and other images. So I stamped a bunch of the images out on an 8 x11 paper and started coloring away. The problem came when I went to die cut them!
Do you see the problem? I was not careful to put the stamp on my block correctly. The stem of the tree should have had a bend in it and now it was cutting off  part of my trunk. And since I had stamped a bunch all together they ALL are like that. So everyone who receives this little party favor can either fusycut out the small tree or not use it.
I have seven little boxes with a set of these images in them for the first seven people who order from Kathy's party. I left the fussy cutting for the receiver. Thanks for stopping by and scrap happy. As for me? I am still sick.  I missed two days of work so far. It has been along time since I have been sick enough to call in two days in a row. I guess the flu shot was a fail for me this year.


  1. Love these stamps. Thank you for your hard work coloring them.

  2. Thanks Tricia I am so excited you are still following my blog. I got your card today. Thanks so much. It made my day.