Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Secret!

     I have been trying to get my layouts in order. I do not always make them in order and I just put then in a box when they are finished. I put them in scrapbooks after all the events are scrap booked. So this weekend I decided to do the enormous task of trying to get them in order. I must tell you that a lot of them are from 2012 and a few 2011 mixed in. Well I was looking at the layouts thinking "man I do not look that bad in that picture." And a light bulb went on! The trick to putting pictures of yourself on a layout is to scrapbook them a minimum of two years after the event! I always think I look younger and skinnier in older pictures (which I am) and then I am not so against using the pictures of my self if I think I look good. So that is the epiphany! You must be at least two years behind on your  scrapbooks to take advantage of this plan. All of you who are not up to date on you layouts can celebrate!

These pictures are older ones that I have not gotten around to using. (That is also on my to do list, Using the few older pictures that are left so I can complete an album.) I used the My Stickease from Later Sk8r but I used some paper from Little Yellow Bicycle called Game On I got from Jenna's store. I also used some Magic Mesh I have had in my stash for a long time. I was happy with how both products fit together so well. Thanks for stopping by and SCRAP HAPPY 

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