Sunday, June 28, 2015

Great Girls Gift!

I have been buying the CTMH necklaces but I can not seem to keep them around. I buy a couple thinking I will make one for myself and then Krista has a birthday party to go to, or she needs a gift for her swim sister and poof they are gone. They make GREAT gifts for team girls. we bought one sticker sheet and are still using it. I love the way she can customize the necklace for each girl. She can make it personal based on who they are. One friend was a swimmer so we used Just Keep Swimming and another friend was going to a aviation school so we used one about flying. what a neat and affordable gift. The nice thing is if you have these on hand you can make them in a jiffy and you know how things go with kids. "Mom I need a gift right now because I for got to tell you last week!" I hope you all are enjoying your summer and your retirement( Kathy). Thanks for stopping by.

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