Thursday, September 18, 2014

Nap Dog!

Guess who might be having puppies!!!! We brought Izzy over to my sister-in-laws to visit her dog Duke. His wife Daisy was not a happy camper but Duke thought it was a swell idea. I am not sure Rob thought it was a great idea.[he was at work] My brother-in-law sent him some pictures to let him know what was going on. Dog porn! Krista was not thrilled.
 " You know mom, neither one of them are going to be able to get a reputable job now that they have those pictures online" Krista said! I could not stop laughing which did not help. At least I know she is listening when school talks about Internet safety.
    So I am still working a lot and this is an older layout. Izzy has not been a puppy for a long time. The stamp I used for the title is Varsity Alphabet and for the dog is A Bow Wow. I do not remember the name of the paper and of course I could not find my notes. Scrap Happy!

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