Friday, May 10, 2013

Imagine Banner and a Suprise!

Well I liked my create banner so much that I decided to make an Imagine one for the other door of my scrap cabinet. I used all the same supplies as I did making the other banner. (You can find that one under banners on the right side of this blog) But I also made some MORE! I told you I was banner crazy. These are for the first few people who order from my birthday party. You can do this by going to my Close To My Heart website ( click on the CTMH link) and scrolling down to the bottom right where it says JOIN Brenda's birthday party. Click on that which will take you to the shopping page. Right now I have four made so the first four people to order will get one. Also if you are coming to my party May 17 & 18 you will get a raffle ticket if you comet on my blog. Bellow is pictures of some of my other banners


  1. One is already gone. Got my first birthday party order!

  2. These are great! I can't wait. Just sent my order in.