Friday, November 16, 2012

Fun Definitions

So this has been another crazy busy week.  Krista has swim meets two days a week and i have been working 12 hours the two other days.  By Friday I am whipped. Last weekend we had a bunch of girls over for Krista's birthday and the boys both had their girlfriends visit.  So It was a Scrapless week! What does the word Scrapless mean?  I will tell you.
         Scrapless (adjective)
                 Not having time to scrapbook and/or craft. Can be accompanied by sad and gloomy feelings.
          Scraphappy (adjective)
                   Happy feeling you get when you are able to spend some time scrapbooking, crafting, shopping for scrapbooking supplies,and sometimes even looking at your scrapbooking supplies.
          Scraptabulous (adjective)
                   The estastic feeling you get when you look over your finished products after scrapbooking. You are so amazing! Review projects regularly to increase scraptherapy. ( see below)
          Scraptherapy (adjective)
                   Scrapbooking treatment  intended to relive stress.
          Stampbooker (noun)
                   One who creates works of art by combining their love of scrapbooking and stamping.( borrowed from the

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