Saturday, April 1, 2017

Refinished Country Desk!

    I bought this desk and repainted it last summer while I was off of work. I just sat in a chair in the garage to work on it so I did not stress my knee. I used some Chalk paint just like I did on the dresser for my scrap book room and the distressed it with glaze. The details in the wood look really nice with the glaze. I really love how it turned out. The pictures do not do it justice but they were taken down stairs. After I finished it , it sat down stairs for a good six months before it finally got brought upstairs and put to use.
 This is what it looked like before I painted it.
 I sprayed the desk with a primer first and then painted it with the chalk paint.
And here it is finished with some close up pictures of the details. Okay below is just a few more pictures of the desk in progress. Thanks for stopping by and Scrap Happy!

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